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Woven sense handbag joined a

Woven sense handbag joined a lot of modelling in it, it will become more and more popular. Grade elegant nature, joker color, concise design, to add rich clothes to act the role of elements, cheap designer handbags  the whole package for the woven bags brought visual feast.

The envelope bag also broke the previous style, joined a lot of structure line in it, and in daily life also practical up.

Although the handbag has begun to hit, but traditional package form still stand very firm, after all, when you want put more, or they're practical. Atmospheric field concise commuter bag, the modelling extremely fashionable enjoyment, stereo little case grain tactility is very unique, very joker practical and elegant and generous.

Shoes article

Many buckle in the spring tide of popular handbags on sale by a large number of applying to the design of shoe body, greatly small buckle mixed bright-coloured and bright color, such as printing of heavy and complicated pop elements, and to have charm and colorful high-heeled shoes smooth add a wipe handsome neutral beauty. T word with many buckle design can visually maximum tension leg ministry line, amorous feelings kinds. Many buckle longitudinal arrangement for creating different style modelling provides maximum possible.

This year the spring shoes also out of the sweet and romantic style, double color light tonal bind belt, transparent insoles, elegant lace and tiny snap fastener all reveal the youth breath. The very straight high-heeled shoes to be able to reflect the mainstream style, and smooth fine with the shoe, can present a sense of luxury.

Fashion, "he take McDonald 's (McDonald's) of Mc, guide discount designer handbags for let Fashion change to" McFashion ", the public parity and costly changing Fashion close 2 for one, like McDonald selling "Fast food Fashion" is the aim of Fast Fashion.

"Quick fashion" four core: new newness, popular on trend, scarce scarcity and low price, great in the world consumer expectations, as "every day low price" wal-mart, carrefour success also demonstrates this point. On the other hand, in the consumers' faced today numerous consumer choice, "brand loyalty" increasing weak, consumers tend to rational development, luxury and parity tide product collocation will be more rational choice. All this fully shows that the rapid

fashion brand will be in fashion consumption occupies the largest share, "quick fashion" era has come.

In China, even in the fashion frontier of guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, shenzhen, clothes, shoes, bags of the number of shops most proportion only 50:5:1; And in the fashion industry developed European a line city, clothes shop, shoe store, bags handbags cheap mens clothes store scale is about 2:1:1, 2 line city general also reached the 4:2:1. The two proportion of contrasts, with the fact that in the development of the China bags &luggage market the huge market potential.

As people life and consumption level unceasing enhancement, all kinds of luggage has become people side indispensable fashion wear collocation act the role ofing. People in the luggage product requirements, not only in the practical have been reinforced, adornment sex is also have to be extended. According to the demand of consumer grade change, bags material more diversification, leather, PU, canvas, cotton and linen and texture bags lead the fashion trend. At the same time, more and more flaunt character of times, contracted, restore ancient ways, cartoon and other kinds of style also from different side cater to the discount designer clothes needs of fashionable personage make public individual character. The design of bags from the traditional business bags, bags, travelling bags to function fashion bag, pen bag, change purse, small incense bag and so on development.

At present, China package act the role ofing consumption rising by 33% a year. In the past 2005 years, create value as high as more than 2300, and in the next year China digest 12.6 billion package, the total market is speeding promotion, to make Chinese 12 consecutive years become the world's NO. 1 bag act the role ofing consumer. Bags is gradually becoming the clothes, shoes after the most development potential of one of the industry.

The Italian famous bags brand C&T keenly found China bags &luggage market the huge potential, but also found the market especially ZhongDiDuan market exists in great confusion in the pattern of competition - quality fluctuating, price virtual high, brand identical, wholesale designer handbags style assimilation, etc., as 10 years ago garment industry. In China, C&T ancient twip creatively the rapid fashion mode is introduced into the luggage industry, will be extremely has the market potential of the luggage industry and the most wealth creativity "fast fashion" model, combining for Chinese vogue work wealth nuclear fission provide the most powerful flash point.

It is understood that the C&T ancient twip adopted rapid product development mode, in addition to every year spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons theme development outside, will be at least a month to the market on the two new products to adapt to the need of consumption. At the same time C&T ancient twip adopted "money much less, global set limit to 300" rapid management mode, a single paragraph inventory quantity than traditional luggage industry is low, in womens clothes online to reduce dealer inventory pressure at the same time human manufacturing scarce product demand, so as to let the consumer follow C&T ancient twip bag style update rhythm, the more the earth to create profits space.

Luggage industry, fashion design wins. C&T ancient twip snare global fashion message, employ the most keen fashionable global buy a hand to capture the market hot spots and top fashion trend. In the product style fast update at the same time, guarantee the new product design and the most popular fashion trend match, walk forever in leading fashion, this is the consumer willingness to follow C&T reason. It is reported, C&T ancient twip's, the purchaser is in new users, but the greater user group from frequent repeat customers, because they know C&T ancient twip constantly to their surprise, for his own clothes, shoes collocation adds a fresh, fashionable breath.

Even if C&T ancient twip product design straight after master works, but the product price is popular working parity, the core mens clothes online price interval in the 200-500 yuan between, maximum cater to the general urban women's consumption demand. 

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